Design of Blast Resistant Facade System

Agencie acted as an MWBE subconsultant and participated in the early design and engineering phase of a comprehensive new terminal at JFK Airport. Agencie’s scope included enclosure engineering, featuring expansive canopies at the airport's entrance. These overhead protections offer necessary shade and weather protection, in addition to aiding wayfinding for pedestrians entering and exiting the terminal.

JFK T1 Agencie's Scope

The canopies are a fabric made of ETFE. ETFE is a lightweight alternative to glass that provides similar light transmission properties while being incredibly more flexible. In addition, the flexible nature of ETFE permitted a relaxation of deflection criteria, allowing movement that would not have been possible using glass canopies. It allowed the supporting steel sections to be smaller, saving materials and space. This more efficient use of materials reflects Agencie’s commitment to cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Facade Canopy Assembly
JFK T1 Phase I
JFK T1 Phase I Canopy Section
Facade Canopy Base Detail

Facade Eng
Facade Eng Airside Structural Analysis
Facade Eng
Facade Eng Facade Analysis Model

The canopy cantilevers presented a problem: How do we achieve the required spans while keeping the build lightweight and cost-effective? Using tapered steel sections creates a more efficient structure compared to what standard units could achieve.

Facade Stair Enclosure
Facade ID Tower

    • Enclosure Engineering
    • Structural Engineering



    • Value Engineering
  • Client

    • Port Authority
  • Credits

    • PGAL
    • Walter P. Moore
  • TEAM

    • Sarrah Khan, PE
    • Andres Cortes, AIA
    • Christian Berneking
    • Wanlapa Frey
    • Ali Molaei
    • José Torres
    • Celia Anh Linh Le Van
    • Julia Ratcliffe

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