We push the 
boundaries of structures

Our approach is rooted in strategy and imagination. We help our clients imagine what’s possible.

The quality of our work reflects our belief that great design arises not only from creativity.

Rather, great design arises from creativity synthesized with a deep understanding of structural integrity and material performance.

A design practice that truly integrates architecture and engineering.

  • Architecture

    • Planning
    • Renovation
    • New Build
  • Façade Engineering

    • Arch Enclosure
    • Structural Encloosure
    • Glass Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

    • Structural Design
    • Special Structures
    • Renovation
  • Design Build

    • Architect-led
    • Fabrication Assist


  • Andrés Ulises Cortés

    Andrés Ulises Cortés, AIA

    Principal Architect
  • Sarrah Khan

    Sarrah Khan, PE

    Principal Engineer
  • Photo of Nicholas Di Donato

    Nicholas Di Donato

    Intermediate Architectural Designer
  • Photo of Ana Paola Rojas

    Ana Paola Rojas

    Architectural & Interior Designer
  • Ruying Lu

    Ruying Lu

    Technical Designer
  • Photo of Zarina Gran, EIT

    Zarina Gran, EIT

    Structural Engineer II
  • Photo of Tomás Abello

    Tomás Abello

    Project Manager
  • Photo of Christian Abarca Lopéz

    Christian Abarca Lopéz

    Senior Project Manager
  • Photo of Jose Torres

    Jose Torres

    BIM Specialist
  • Photo of Shelley Malin

    Shelley Malin

    Accounts Manager
  • Photo of Wanjing Zhao

    Wanjing Zhao

    Architectural Intern


Discover our unique approach to
pushing the boundary of structures.

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