Design of a Cozy Winter Market

From the early days of the pandemic, it became clear that restauranteurs and retailers would have to adjust how people dined and shopped in the city.  In the warmer months, gathering to dine and browse outside was a boon to spirits and the local economy.  However, subzero temperatures, wind and snow present a real challenge to outdoor city life.  Recognizing the devastating economic impact of a winter closure to restaurants and small retailers, the City of Jersey City sought to continue the vital resource through the colder months.  Working pro-bono and in close coordination with City Councilor Jamie Solomon Agencie designed a winterized kit-of-parts solution.

Design of a Cozy Winter Market Image

Agencie’s solution is an adaptable and modular Winter Lodge system that allows business to operate under the current health guidelines.  It creates a place for diners and shoppers to feel safe and comfortable in winter weather.  Inspired by winter markets and drawing on our modular work and experience designing restaurants, the Winter Lodge prototype addresses barriers, shading, lighting and furniture as well as space for heating and wind protection.

Design of a Cozy Winter Market Image

The winter lodges are cozy and safe outdoor dining and shopping areas, each featuring a partially enclosed pergola and heater.  After receiving many inquiries from Jersey City restaurants and shops about how to create their street dining and retail space, we created adjustments that accommodate a range of restaurants, store and street conditions.

Design of a Cozy Winter Market Image
Design of a Cozy Winter Market Image



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