Urban Umbrella

In 2009, Agencie’s design was the winning entry in a city-sponsored design competition.  Run by the Department of Buildings, the competition sought a fresh new sidewalk shed to replace the dark, boxy scaffolding that is ubiquitous in New York City.  Our design, called Urban Umbrella, melded high-strength steel and polycarbonate into a shape that resembles a gracefully unfurling umbrella.

Urban Umbrella Image

"Agencie, a design firm based in New York, gracefully melded recycled steel and translucent plastic panels into a structure that resembles an open umbrella."

- Sam Roberts, New York Times
Urban Umbrella Image
Urban Umbrella Image

Urban Umbrella is more than just a pretty rendering.  After winning the competition, we extensively engineered the structure to meet the standards of the Department of Buildings. Our architects performed finite element analysis on the structure to meet the 300 lbs per square foot loading requirements. The panel and frame system tested for small missile impact.  Agencie engineered over 250 pages of calculations for review by the Department of Building.  

Urban Umbrella Image
Urban Umbrella Image
Urban Umbrella Image
Urban Umbrella Image

With arching struts sweeping the structure upwards, Urban Umbrella is modern and harmonious.   It is gleaming white with transparent overhead panels and sustainable soft LED lighting.  Not only is Urban Umbrella better looking than its predecessors, but it also allows for more air, light, and walking-around room underneath.

Urban Umbrella Image

"Urban Umbrella is a perfect combination of design elegance and construction safety."

- Commissioner Robert LiMandri, Department of Buildings
Urban Umbrella Image
Urban Umbrella Image
Urban Umbrella Image

Urban Umbrella is not just an elegant design.  It’s an implemented, engineered, and fabricated structure.  It exemplifies our uncompromising commitment to bring great ideas to life.

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Winner of the City of New York Urbanshed Competition
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