Matt’s Restaurant

This rebuild of famed Cuban restaurant, La Conguita, is a Design-Build collaboration between a number of very accomplished players including Interior Designer Kevin Greenberg, Rowhouse’s Eric Powers, and Graphic Designer Drew Heffron, in addition to many talented crafts-persons and culinary professionals.

Matt’s Restaurant Image
Matt’s Restaurant Image

Because we are Architects, Engineers, and Builders, we are able to contribute to a project from a variety of perspectives. Our role here as Executive Architect was simple when compared to the herculean effort invested by the restaurant’s Owner, Matteusz Kopec, whose ambition, vision and personality comes through in all details ranging from light fixture selections to the manner in which cutlery is set at the dining table.

Matt’s Restaurant Image
Matt’s Restaurant Image
Matt’s Restaurant Image
Matt’s Restaurant Image

Commercial, Hospitality


Executive Architect


Eric Powers, Rowhouse Construction

Interior Design:
Kevin Greenberg, Space Exploration

Graphic Design:
Drew Heffron

Culinary Team:
Jon Mecca & Mike Kedala